California Consumer Privacy Act creates accountability, control as well as transparency with regards to the collection, use, and sharing of personal data. According to the Act, any business or company that collects or markets personal data on residents of California must comply with this law regardless of its location. Search for ccpa compliance solutions to have better understanding and clear picture about California Consumer Privacy Act. Below are some of its advantages.

Benefits of California consumer privacy act

  • Knowledge

All businesses dealing with personal data are under obligation to notify residents of the personal information they are collecting and how the same is being collected, used and to whom the information is disclosed or sold. Interestingly, the disclosure must happen via a publicly posted privacy medium. The law also compels the companies to provide the data when the consumer makes a request. Consequently, residents have complete control of what information companies collect and how it is shared with and used.

  • Sale of personal data

The law compels the companies to give owners of the information an easy, straightforward and open way to decline to have their data sold to another party. Consumers below the age of 16 must first opt-in affirmatively before any business sells the data to third parties. As for children below the age of 13, a guardian or parent has to give their consent. The Companies must also display a warning message on their website homepage, so California consumers can easily opt out. So, the sale of personal data only happens once a California resident gives expressed consent.

  • Data Deletion

The businesses or marketers must be ready to delete any personal data they have upon request. The consumer is, therefore, free to instruct the entity to drop the information that it has collected from them. Besides complying with the request to wipe out the same from its records, the firm must direct any other party to erase the data from their records. The consumer will be sure no one is still holding onto the information, once he asks one company to delete them.

  • Anti-Discrimination Prohibition

CCPA prohibits marketers and companies from discriminating against consumers who declined to have the data collected or even requested the entities to wipe out the same while exercising their right according to the Act. The law also prohibits firms from charging customers different prices on account of their decision to opt out from having the data collected, except when the price difference is comparable to the value the consumer’s data provides.

  • Private Right of Action

The act gives consumers right of action on certain data breaches. Provided a consumer provides the business with a notice, lasting 30 days, and a chance to cure the damage he or she has the right to institute legal action against such company. If the business cures within the notice period, it must give the consumer a written statement indicating it has rectified the violation, and that no further breach will occur. Otherwise, the legal action will proceed eventually potentially resulting in civil penalties on the business.


California Consumer Privacy Act is long overdue. That the law compels marketer and businesses to give consumers what they deserve means it has many benefits. Companies now have no choice except to change their behavior and do the right thing.…

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Know the benefits

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