A sentiment analysis tool helps to measure customer options and attitude towards a brand, products, services, or campaign. These tools are excellent when it comes to providing data about customers, which help them determine the brand reputation and improve customer experience and a lot more. Some of the best sentiment analysis tool to ensure you get the best result about consumer’s attitude about a certain brand are:


Ascribe gives extensive coverage about social networks by providing an instant overview of your brand on the platform. Ascribe is a user-friendly option to help you look up your competitors and also yourself to take notes of strengths and weaknesses and then develop a good market strategy.

Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite analyses social media platforms, news sites, blogs and much more to reveal insights about trends and sentiments of customers towards a brand. It also gives you insights about the brand and can help you filter your options on the basis of language, location and gender. Also, Hootsuites Insights monitor keywords and recognize positive words as a positive sentiment.

Rapid Miner

Rapid miner is one the best tool for data science software platform which provides text mining which helps the brand perform better sentiment analysis. Rapid miner analyses social media and online reviews, which can be them analyzed for official documents. This analysis can provide a better understanding of consumers, feedbacks of products which can help in business expansion.

NCSU tweet visualizer

This is a tool which is specifically designed to visualize tweets for the period of a week to find out the most tweeted keyword. As a free tool, there are limitations as the software has difficulty in identifying slangs and sarcasm.

Meaning Cloud

Meaning cloud is a sentiment analysis tool which has API implements which can get you a detailed multi-language analysis from different sources. Also, this sentiment tool has the ability to display positive, negative and neutral sentiments. This sentiment analysis tool allows users to upload custom dictionaries to help the software understand certain slangs.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a search platform which allows you to monitor social platforms to generate content, allowing you to track and measure consumers image of the brand. This sentiment analysis software judges the overall sentiment score and considers the entire as the sample.

Senti strength

Senti strength is the best free sentiment analysis tool which can help you in your academic research. The free version of this tool is exclusively for windows. It searches and produces automatic analysis within seconds.


Sentigem is the easiest to use sentiment analysis tool which can help document or block a text. It is a fast analyzing tool which analyses large amounts of text in seconds. The software is very good in calculating the sentiment of the content by understanding positive, negative, or neutral comments.

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