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The organic foods contain more amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C which naturally protects the plants. When the organic plants get exposed to pests then they tend to respond them by producing their own protection. So, we get to reap those benefits. On an average, the organic produce contains around 25% more anti-oxidants than the conventional produce. The certified organic foods are grown without genetically modified organisms, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. Therefore, if you are purchasing your organic foods from certified sources for your children then you don’t need to worry about its quality. Some of the stores also have organic toddler food that is very good for the little one’s health. The organic foods are very essential for the well-being of children. Therefore, you need to ensure that your children get to have organic foods instead of the non-organic ones. Below are few points about organic food- why it is important for children’s health:

Organic foods are saved from pesticides

Babies as well as young children are vulnerable to the various negative effects of synthetic pesticides exposures. Therefore, when you are choosing organic foods for your children then you tend to minimize your child’s exposure to these harmful pesticides and various other harmful substances which are present in the non organic foods.

Organic foods have much better nutritional quality

The organic foods contain various types of nutrients which are very helpful for keeping the child healthy. They have high amount of antioxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, phenolics, potassium, nitrates and phosphorus. Therefore, providing organic food to the children would help them to have a much better and healthier life.

Organic foods taste better

The organic foods tastes much better than the non-organic foods so children would love to have organic foods much more than the non-organic ones.

Organic foods are great for endocrine health

The chemicals and pesticides used in the modern agriculture are hormone and endocrine disruptors. These compounds tend to seriously affect the sexual development and reproductive system of the children. Moreover, the endocrine disruptors lead to diabetes, obesity and several other endocrine related growth disorders. Therefore, if your children get to have organic foods then they would be saved from these types of endocrine disruptors.

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Organic foods doesn’t contain artificial preservatives and colours

If your children are having organic foods then they would be very helpful to them so as to avoid various types of additives such as artificial preservatives and colours. These are linked to behavioural challenges in people who are very sensitive to these.

Organic foods have antioxidant effect

The antioxidants are the different types of vitamins and other nutrients which help in protecting the child’s cells from different damaging effects of ageing. The antioxidant effect is basically a very essential nutritional benefit of the organically produced foods. The antioxidants are present in the healthy foods, especially in the vividly coloured fruits and vegetables. The foods which are grown organically develop the ability to produce more amount of antioxidants than the foods which are grown conventionally, as adaptive response for fighting insects and fungal attacks. Moreover, they also contain anti-cancer as well as anti-mutagenic effects.…